Top 3 Donor Conception Podcasts: Stories You’ll Love

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If you are starting out on your family building journey, it can be invaluable to hear stories of those that walked this path before you. If you know where to listen, you can find lots of donor conception stories in podcasts. Throughout my own time trying to conceive as a single parent by choice, I have sought out stories I could relate to. It’s good to hear of others on their own infertility, donor conception, and queer family building journeys. If, like me, you also want to know more from others who have built their families with Assisted Reproductive Technology, I would encourage you to check out this list of my top 3.

Not By Accident (Sophie Parker)

Sophie Parker is a brilliant story teller. She became a single mother by choice and documented her story over seven years, from before her child’s conception through her early childhood. Sophie recorded real moments of her day-to-day life, weaving them into a narrated masterpiece. This is a binge-worthy and beautifully told tribute to the every day joys and struggles of a single mom. Sophie’s baby was not by accident.

Do you want a little inspiration and reassurance that when you decide to parent, the pieces will fall into place? If so, this may be the podcast for you. Check it out on Apple Podcasts.

I Want to Put a Baby In You! (Jennifer White and Ellen Trachman)

IWTPABIY is a highly informative podcast that can teach you anything you want to know about Assisted Reproductive Technology. Sister duo, Jennifer White and Ellen Trachman, are experts in the fertility industry. Ellen Trachman is the Managing Attorney at Trachman Law Center, LLC. Her firm focuses on family formation law and has offices in Colorado and New York. Jennifer White is Director of Bright Futures Families, a national collection of surrogacy agencies in the Western and Northeast states.

Together, Ellen and Jennifer have over 150 episodes of informative content, interviewing experts on a wide range of topics, including sperm and egg donation, embryo donation, surrogacy, adoption, legal issues, mental health, and LGBTQ+ parenthood.

If you listen to just one episode, I suggest Episode 126. Ellen and Jennifer interview Robin Hopkins & Jaimie Kelton, hosts of the podcast “If These Ovaries Could Talk” (recently re-branded as “The Queer Family Podcast”). Check it out because that’s the next podcast on my recommendation list!

The Queer Family Podcast (Jaimie Kelton)

Jaimie Kelton, an awesome queer mom, celebrates and normalizes all things LGBTQIA+ parenthood in the Queer Family Podcast (formerly “If These Ovaries Could Talk”). Each week, Jaimie profiles rock star queer parents to share their stories of how their kiddos came to be and how to navigate queer parenthood in a straight world. Jaimie puts a spotlight on the intentionality queer couples put into creating and and raising their families.

I always look forward to new episodes and Season 11 is just beginning! But, past episodes are worth a listen too! A couple of my favorites are:

  • Queer Conception: Liam Kali, a fertility midwife based in Seattle, Washington, walks listeners through some of the basics of queer conception. Liam also shares their experience as a parent of four grown children.
  • Our Subway Baby: Gay dad, Danny, found a baby in a New York City subway station. He and his husband Pete ended up adopting the baby together. You can’t miss hearing about their crazy path to parenthood. Check out this episode and read their book.


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