Known Donor Agreement: Why do I need one?

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Do you need a known donor agreement? If you are trying to start your family with the help of a sperm or egg donor that you know, you likely want to avoid the situation where your donor has parental rights and responsibilities for your child. This can have widespread implications, including issues related to:

  • Custody
  • Visitation
  • Relocation
  • Child Support
  • Second Parent Adoption

Creating a known donor agreement is the best step that an intended parent(s) can take to clarify and formalize their intent to be the sole parent(s) of any offspring. The same agreement that protects the intended parents also benefits the donor. When a known sperm donor or egg donor provides their gametes, they generally want assurances that they will not be legally responsible for any resulting child. That’s why it is important that the donor agreement is in place before attempting to conceive. Otherwise, the ‘donor’ may legally be considered a father. The law favors two parent households, so terminating his parental rights may not even be possible.

With the help of Pineapple Law, creating a known donor agreement can be quick, easy, and affordable. Get started today and speak with an attorney focused on Assisted Reproductive Technology. We will craft a donor contract that fits your unique situation and will protect the structure of your future family.

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