My Donor Story: Books for Donor Conceived Kids

Illustration from the My Donor Story book series of two young donor conceived children

More and more families are turning to assisted reproduction and donor gametes to build their families. Therefore, lots of kids who came to be in some pretty unique ways. Whether conceived using donor sperm, donor eggs, embryos, IVF, or Surrogacy, a series of books, “My Donor Story” helps donor conceived kids to learn how their […]

Top 3 Donor Conception Podcasts: Stories You’ll Love

Pineapple with red headphones and white sunglasses

If you are starting out on your family building journey, it can be invaluable to hear stories of those that walked this path before you. If you know where to listen, you can find lots of donor conception stories in podcasts. Throughout my own time trying to conceive as a single parent by choice, I […]