Too Many Embryos? Your Options for Embryo Disposition

Woman's Hands Holding Tray with Embryos

Are you planning to build your family with IVF or gestational surrogacy? You may not realize that the process may create more embryos than you actually need to complete your family. Don’t get caught off guard! Before you start treatment, think carefully about what you plan to do with excess embryos. Many patients, religious organizations, […]

Public Benefits for Choice Moms

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Did you know that becoming a choice mom using a sperm donor could affect your ability to receive public benefits? Most people that set out on this path to parenthood do not expect that they’ll need to access public benefits. Unemployment or underemployment can happen to anyone. Don’t miss out on your ability to access […]

Known Donor Agreement: Why do I need one?

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Do you need a known donor agreement? If you are trying to start your family with the help of a sperm or egg donor that you know, you likely want to avoid the situation where your donor has parental rights and responsibilities for your child. This can have widespread implications, including issues related to: Custody […]

What to Ask a Known Donor

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Many parents will choose to ask a known donor to help them conceive. This can have a number of advantages for different situations. They might include a potential familial connection, reduced cost, possible relationship between the donor and child. However, using a known donor can come at some risk. Before you go with a sperm […]